High Performance Economical Substrates - Myth or Reality?
PTFE based products are still the substrates that give the best electrical and mechanical properties. Building on all the advantages of PTFE and by incorporating several proprietary technologies, Taconic came up with a true, low cost RF/microwave substrate; RF-35. RF-35 is a ceramic filled, low-cost PTFE substrate. RF-35 not only satisfies the price requirement, but also exceeds every electrical and mechanical property that is sought in a PCB substrate for high frequency applications. Furthermore, a comparison of the processing steps for RF-35 and for a typical thermoset resin PCB material indicates that contrary to popular belief, processing RF-35 does not entail a complex process compared to processing a thermoset resin based PCB. As listed in the article, RF-35 offers all the electrical advantages of PTFE, all the mechanical advantages of the ceramic filler, negates all the disadvantages of PTFE substrates and disproves all the "myths" surrounding Teflon substrates and processing Teflon substrates.
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